Book - “Five Fingers, Ten Toes...”


Image of Book - “Five Fingers, Ten Toes...”

When Katie Kolberg met and married Todd Memmel, the two were young and unsure of what life might hand them; but they felt ready to find out together. While preparing for the birth of their first child, Todd and Katie had no idea that their son would be born missing part of his left arm. They both wondered how his life might unfold, but Katie had so many questions: Would her baby boy ever play sports or participate in music? Have friends? Fall in love?

This is a mother's story of raising her child, born with a limb difference. From his birth to college graduation, Katie openly shares her fears and faith, how their family met challenges head-on, numerous and awesome accomplishments; but mostly, the simple joy of raising her son, Tony Memmel.


Image of Book - “Five Fingers, Ten Toes...”